Attic Insulation

Blown In Insulation

Attic insulation for most home owners is often underestimated. This leads to overlooking the importance of addressing higher heating and cooling bills especially with our extreme temperature ranges in Manitoba. Attic insulation that stabilizes the extreme temperatures by providing a “blanket like” feeling the serves to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The key is comfort combined with the economics of saving money by having an efficient home envelope.

Properly insulated attic hugely impacts the function of your home. Areas specific to heating, cooling, and ventilation are essential to the efficiency of the function. We hope to convey to our customers that the functioning of your home is as important as the aesthetic appears of the outside of their home.

We believe in approaching our work with the professional knowledge that attic insulation begins with sealing the attic space to ensure that the attic is airtight with the benefit of no air leaks. Our goal is maximum energy efficiency to increase energy savings and comfort.

At times, we recommend a combination of blown in fiberglass or cellulose with closed cell spray foam to create complete seal and insulation blanket at one time. The benefit of spray foam if properly applied is that a vapor barrier is achieved with an insulation value that is more effective than any other product. The application of spray foam may be more expensive initially, but the long-term effect is a cost savings that will pay for itself.

Some considerations when blowing insulation include:

  • Attic hatch properly sealed.
  • Ensure the correct thickness is maintained to achieve required R-Value.
  • Insulation must extend fully to the eaves to cover the outer wall top plate.
  • Properly identifying which heat sources/lighting that can be covered with insulation and others that require boxes/covers.
  • Ensuring that heat sources such as chimneys are vented and proper distance from insulation to prevent a fire hazard.

Attic Insulation Removal

We remove old attic insulation for a number of reasons:

  • Removal of old attic insulation may be due to mould or allergy causing agents, irritating odours, ice damming, water damage, fire damage and rodent contaminants.

How is it removed?

  • Our technicians vacuum the attic with large vacuums and hosing with the old insulation (cellulose, fiber, woodchips/shavings, etc..) being bagged or placed in an enclosed trailer to be disposed.
  • Batt insulation is removed by hand and bagged directly for disposal.
  • The process is quick and efficient with little impact to the area or causing a mess.

What kind of Insulation is removed?

  • We remove all kinds of old insulation including Wood Chips, Batt Insulation, Sawdust, Cellulose, or Fibrous Glass.
  • Please note we do not remove asbestos, vermiculite, or any type of asbestos associated products. If discovered we will provide the recommendation to remove, but only by professionally qualified companies trained to complete the abatement safely. This means no risk for homeowner or technicians completing the removal.