Slab Jacking

As many are aware for years slab jacking has been performed by the traditional method of mudjacking. This process involves using a concrete by adding cement or combining cement with a mixture of sand and lime to achieve strength to be injected under the slab.  

We use NCFI 24-003 which is a hydrophobic, two-component, HFC 245fa blown, all PMDI-based, pour-in -place urethane foam system designed for concrete jacking and cavity filling in wet environments. This hydrophobic foam is an alternative to mudjacking. The industry of lifting of concrete slabs with polyurethane foam has some advantages:

  • Immediate use – The area is minimally disrupted as the foam set time is almost immediate. This means the both foot and vehicle traffic can resume following the procedure.

  • Quick – The process itself requires less intrusive means of application as the drill hole is smaller than traditional mudjacking leaving less to repair.

  • Clean – The injection of foam is a cleaner process with the application equipment contained in a trailer or truck.

  • Sustainability – Polyurethane foams contours to the soil and places less weight on the soil being impacted by the injection of foam. It is also waterproof assisting to seal the under slab and decrease loss due to high water or run off.

  • Decrease Environmental Foot Print – The application does not require heavy equipment and/or clean up. The process offers a greener appeal with the combination of recycled material used to manufacture the polyurethane foam.


What can it be used for?

Polyurethane foam can be used to raise small and large areas. Such areas as driveways, patios, sidewalks, roadways, parking lots, basement floor, floor slabs, etc…

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